Chicago has no shortage of well-known monikers, from the classics “The Windy City”, “The Second City”, and “City of the Big Shoulders”, to the recent unfortunate appraisals of “Chiraq” and “Chiberia”.  Though less commonly heard, our favorite Chicago nickname is “City of Neighborhoods”.  We think this simple concept is the truest reflection of what makes this city great.  

In spite of the general agreement that Chicago possesses a wealth of vibrant, intriguing, and unique communities, there is a somewhat pervasive assumption that significant swaths of the city are not worth visiting.  There is also a tendency to paint particular parts of town with broad strokes, which doesn’t do justice to the diversity of persuasion, culture, independent businesses, and community-based organizations found in each neighborhood.  

As part of The City of Neighborhoods, we’d like to bring these great assets that exist in each neighborhood to the forefront.  Over the course of this project, we intend to visit most Chicago neighborhoods and a few bordering suburbs, outline a great day with options to take advantage of the businesses and institutions within the community, and profile some past and present residents who make each neighborhood distinct.    

Contact: thecityofneighborhoodsproject@gmail.com